Born in 1983 in the Apennines of central Italy, Paolo Buatti is a filmmaker, photographer and designer.
His visual research explores the intersection between biography, geography and the social landscape with a focus on the soundscape. 
In 2005 he began to create digital collages which have been exhibited  in group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Photography and audiovisual work came later, with the independent production of short films and music videos. His documentaries have been included twice  in the Catalogue du Court of the Cannes Film Festival, while the video Hiroshima II received awards and mentions in international festivals. His photographic documentation of the public art project Open Air Museum was published in the book “Fuori catalogo” (Out of print) by artist Fausto Delle Chiaie.
He lives and works in Rome.

Artist statement:

I believe that reality contains cues whose power is extremely difficult to simulate or design in a fictional way, so I chose documentary as my starting point. The purpose is to transcend contingencies through narrative and explore the possible absolute themes suggested by what is seen.
This approach allows for speculation untethered from current events, on a larger time scale and with more distant horizons.
Geography and history are valuable keys for me in reading and describing cultural and social phenomena, especially today in the age of homogenization and identity debate. Curiosity has always driven me to self-education, as well as to traverse techniques and mediums in a continuous expressive exploration.

Awards & notes:

Best classic music video at Euro Video Song in february 2022, best music video at Istanbul Film Awards, second prize for best music video at Tokyo Film Awards and honorable mention at Anatolian Film Awards in January 2022 with "Hiroshima II".
Winner of Appennino Doc 2020 for best documentary with "Dia Silla - the day of wrath".
Two time selected at Festival de Cannes "Short Film Corner" with "The museum closes when the author is tired" and "The woodworm".
Selected at Italian Contemporary Film Festival and at Festival Internazionale del Cinema d’Arte 2014 with "The museum closes when the author is tired".
Winner of "Cut & paste" contest at "Festival della Creatività", Florence 2010. 
Winner "Creolo 05" with the artwork "Onde di marmo", Riccione 2005.


Dia Silla (2019)
The woodworm (2017)
The museum closes when the author is tired

Individual exhibitions:

18/03/07 - 05/04/07 - "We're eternal " Centro Culturale Zerouno, Barletta
14/10/06 - 25/11/06 - "La danza degli archi " Cineclub Detour, Roma

Collective exhibitions:

09/10/17 - 27/10/17 - "KM0 - kilometrizero" Rome Art Week - HOP, Roma
29/03/09 - 10/04/09 - "In Urbe " Centro Culturale Zerouno, Barletta
21/10/07 - 31/10/07 - "I'aM: italian artists in Managua" Centro Culturale Zerouno, Barletta
27/07/07 - 10/08/07 - "I'aM: italian artists in Managua" Galleria Medina, Managua (Nicaragua)
22/07/07 - 09/08/07 - "Vedo ciò che sento" Centro Culturale Zerouno, Barletta
13/07/07 - 26/07/07 - "Artisti in permanenza 07" Galleria Poliedro, Trieste
28/01/07 - 07/02/07 - "Parti di noi" Centro Culturale Zerouno, Barletta
03/09/06 - 15/09/06 - "Zoom" Centro Culturale Zerouno, Barletta
01/06/06 - 30/06/06 "Chi lo fa lo aspetti" IED, Barcelona (Spain)


Dia Silla
Il museo chiude quando l'autore è stanco
Il tarlo
Graphic portfolio



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