Dia Silla

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DIA SILLA – Il Giorno dell’Ira (FULL TITLE)

DIA SILLA – The Day of Wrath (FULL TITLE)

A documentary about natural and human landscapes from the earthquake territories of central Italy.

The liturgical requiem “Dies Irae” by Tommaso da Celano has been revised over the centuries through oral tradition and has become what we know today as “Dia Silla”. This prayer refers to the Day of Judgment and is an omen of upcoming doom.
The documentary is a collection of interviews with survivors and images from the land of the earthquakes of 2016 and 2017 in Central Italy.
Proposing views on human and nature landscapes “Dia Silla – The day of wrath” wants to stimulate an opportunity for broader reflection on man – environment relationship in those areas. A reflection that needs to be stimulated by the contemplation of the surrounding land and its fascinating and cruel nature.



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