The idea to make a documentary on FDC was born from the desire to investigate deeply the motivations and philosophy behind his artworks. His Open Air Museum is a symbol of his openness on different levels: the artist reveals himself to the world and his artworks are revealed to the public. Beyond this, it is a gallery of open air “images” that offer moments of profound reflection in a context generally not used for this purpose: the street.


In this documentary FDC presents himself on an artistic and personal level. Through improvised performances created from raw material that only the artist can imagine as art. FDC works with living sculpture, and is inspired by an external and unpredictable present that might include his own character and that of visitors and passersby. But his is also a journey among recycled objects and scrap materials where ironic and informal art goes beyond appearances and becomes social critique or example, paradox or “boutade”. Delle Chiaie has created his own space in the eternal city and offers a very particular visit to those who pass by. A special relationship with Rome of which FDC tells of its various aspects . The relationship between an artist and his “art”.


“The museum closes when the author is tired / Il museo chiude quando l’autore è stanco”

Year of production: 2012

1080p, aspect ratio 1.78 (16×9) , colour, sound, 23 min

With Fausto delle Chiaie

Producer and director: Paolo Buatti

Editor: Paolo Buatti

Director of photography: Paolo Buatti

Original music: Davide Luciani

Sound engineer: Davide Luciani

Research: Luca Marino

Assistant editor: Luca Marino

Boom operator: Luca Marino

Translations: Karen Bermann, Luca Marino, Nicola Tortorici, Simone Nunziato,

Assistant of production: Agnese Gambini

The director wish to thank all those who participated in the filming of this documentary:

Agnese Gambini, Luca Marino, Davide Luciani, Massimiliano De Vito, Karen Bermann, Nicola Tortorici, Simone Nunziato, Vincenzo Crea.

Selected at “short film corner – Cannes 2013”, Italian Contemporary Film Festival 2014 and Festival Internazionale del Cinema d’Arte 2014. 



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