Deux Chansons du pêcheur japonais - Hiroshima lieder

Two songs of Japanese fisherman - Hiroshima songs (english title)

3′20'' color 2022

Two music videos created for the cycle "Deux chansons du pêcheur Japonais".
Based on two songs by Yüksel Koptagel, the first female composers of the modern Turkish history, composed in a cycle form on the Hirosima poems of the romantic patriotic and communist poet Nazim Hikmet. Every year, on August 6-7, on Hiroshima remembrance days the recording of these songs by a Japanese Soprano Nakamura, is played on Japanese National Radio. After 62 years of this historical recording, these two memorable songs were interpreteted/recorded in Rome in June 2021 by two young classical musicians Mert Solmaz and Ayşe Ece Güneşşen.
These videos focus on natural body gestures, in an unusual context for the topic, to match with the poetry of the musical soundscape.